Colleen Sparks

The right attorney can guide you through your family law case productively reaching settlements outside of court when possible and vigorously advocating for your interest in court when appropriate.

Colleen effectively advocates for her clients’ legal rights in all stages of litigation and ensures their emotional needs are met inside and outside of the courtroom.  Colleen is a skilled and compassionate attorney who offers options to clients who are looking for or need someone who can fight for them, in a way that they have not yet discovered.  Colleen understands that no one really “wins” in family law, and she is able to help her clients find personalized and tailored solutions to their problems, in and out of the courtroom.

Colleen understands that not every case needs to be high conflict, and works with clients to achieve personalized resolutions to their problems. When settlement is impossible or unfavorable, Colleen is also a skilled trial attorney who is ready to fight for her clients.

Ultimately, Custody Lawyer Riverside strives to craft the best legal strategy tailored to each case, while steering clear of tactics that would unnecessarily drive up the cost of litigation. Our attorneys are responsive, prepared, and appropriately aggressive from start to finish.